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"So...where is Madder Lake?"

Since starting my business in 2017, I've gotten that question more than a few times and my response has always been, "Madder Lake is not a 'where', but more a 'who' and a 'what'." (It's also the name of the red colour in our logo)


The “who” is me, Ben Skinner. I’m a York University film grad, specializing in cinematography and sound design. I've been working in the film and video industry for over 5 years now. I have a passion for video and remain constantly fascinated by the power it has to engage with the world. I’m a husband and father based out of Guelph, ON and I love coffee and a good story. 


The “what” is my business. Madder Lake Video Productions is designed to be simple, elegant and above all, accessible. Cameras,  large budgets, and advertising do not make compelling content; people do— and every person has a story. Whether you have a business, an idea, or a special story in your life, Madder Lake can help you bring it to life. Our operations are customizable depending on the scale of the project, so whether you need a personal memento or a full-blown commercial campaign, we’ve got you covered. Check out our work to see the various types of content we produce.


I hope that what you see here inspires you, and I’d love to collaborate with you!




Ben Skinner

guelph videographer video production wedding photographer